Thursday, 20 November 2014

Buzzing over Bee Pollen!

Forever Living's Bee Pollen has recently flown into my life and I am amazed at the fantastic effects I am noticing. My digestion and metabolism has been given a boost, and my once flagging energy levels, are now through the roof! I take three tablets a day and I've found that I am full of energy and my mood seems to have been given a natural lift. As for my digestion, without going into too much detail, it has definitely speeded up my metabolism and I feel less sluggish and bloated in the afternoons and evenings. My occasional  IBS symptoms have also subsided since I've been taking the bee pollen.

I began to take Forever Living Bee Pollen tablets after being so impressed with so many of the global company's other natural health, beauty and wellbeing products, such as the all natural aloe vera gelly and the Sonia skincare range.
Forever Bee Pollen is all natural and contains no preservatives, artificial flavours or colourings. Bee pollen provides a wide spectrum of essential nutrients, each required to maintain perfect health. It is a wonderful vegetarian source of protein and contains all of the B vitamins, including vitamin B12 which can be hard to find in vegetarian sources.

Bee pollen contains more nutrients per calorie than any other nutritional supplement, hence it being cited as one of the most complete foods available, so much so, that the human body could survive on bee pollen alone, with just the addition of water and fibre!

Celebrity Endorsement

Earlier this year, Victoria Beckham tweeted of her love for this natural wonder: 'Totally obsessed with this Bee pollen! so good for u!! and I can't help agree! I carry my little bottle of tablets with me at all times and have recommended to so many people! It really is nature's little wonder.

Five Benefits of Bee Pollen
1. Energy booster: Full of carbohydrates, protein (50 per cent) and B vitamins, it enhances stamina and fights off fatigue
2. Soothing: It can be used topically to treat psoriasis or eczema
3. Immune system booster: According to holistic health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola, bee pollen has antibiotic-type properties, which apparently protect the body from contracting viruses
4. Addiction treatment: Has been used holistically for years to help heal addictions and curb cravings by suppressing impulses
5. Infertility problems: Bee pollen may help women get pregnant because it stimulates and restores ovarian function, is a hormonal booster and an aphrodisiac

You can order 100 Forever Bee Pollen tablets from the Forever online global store by clicking here
Give them a go - you will soon be buzzing with energy and natural drive, just like me!